Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people He chose for His inheritance. Psalm 33:12 (NIV)

In his book, Present Dangers: Rediscovering the First Amendment, David Lowenthal writes, “It is in the texture of our everyday lives that we must attempt to regain the marvelous simplicity that was ours for so long. It is in cultivating the memory of our past—our great accomplishments as a nation, our outstanding individuals, our pious, sober, and loving families, our great authors and artists, our actives industries, our music, fold and popular—that we can best keep from being engulfed by the present and renew our democratic humanity in the highest sense. Whether or not this can be done we do not know, but whoever finds practical ways of doing it will earn the eternal gratitude of his countrymen, and of the world besides. We have perhaps been the worlds’ most forward-looking nation: now we must look backward, regaining the past for the present, in order to be able to look forward well again.” — Present Dangers: Rediscovering the First Amendment, p. 283

It is our task as Christians to remind people to look back in time at God's faithfulness, and to know that He will be with us and guide His children in the future if they will simply follow His path and not their own. Pastor Darvin

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